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About Us

Capablanca begins in a study where the founder as a young man analyzes a game of chess while his grandmother, matriarch of the family, watches on as she polishes her jewelry. In her early years, with an eye for craftsmanship, she collected jewelry in wonderous fascination. Her collection found their audience. Under the watchful eye of the matriarch, the family learned the meticulous art and science of fine jewelry.

What set their collections apart was more than a legacy of careful craftmanship and an unwavering commitment to timeless elegance. The key was the creation of a dream within each creation. A dream richly informed by culture, community, and spirit that explores a realm of excellence and evokes an immediate sense of connection. 

Capablanca comes to life in a mosaic that draws on the sleek lines of New York's skyscrapers and the intricate details of the City's history, accented by the cultural heritage of gilded aged halls and marbled museums. Capablanca creates pieces for those enchanted seconds when time seems to slow before it all at once blooms into the sweet richness of the moment.

Crafted with precision and sophistication, each creation offers a modern reimagining of dazzling brilliance. Capablanca and its creations are a statement in the grand game of style. A grand game that pays homage to the immortal moment in the study: The matriarch polishing her jewelry, watching, in peace, the young man analyzing a game of chess, a game inspired by the eponymous grandmaster of the Maison, Capablanca.